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Lynda Leventis-Wells for SC Superintendent of Education

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School Board District 22


Public education is at the heart of who I am, and my lifelong goal has been to teach, inspire, prepare, and serve students.

As a wife, parent, grandparent, and someone who cares about the present and future for the education of all children, please know I will continue to serve Greenville County Schools with great passion and vision!

Lynda Leventis-Wells holds a Bachelor of Arts in Health and Physical Education from the University of South Carolina and a Master’s Degree in Guidance and Educational Psychology from the University of Mississippi. She has instructed children at all school levels including technical college and has also taught abroad.

When elected

When elected, I will continue to focus on goals that promote learning and student success while tackling and solving any issues that may be obstacles to the same.

Parental Involvement

Parents are the best advocates and best voice for their children and are the most invested in their educational success. It is vital that parents are aware of what is going on in the classroom so they can work in unison with teachers for the benefit of the child’s education. I believe if parents were aware of a child’s learning needs, more parents would be involved in their child’s success. We will continue to focus on reducing class size so that teachers have more quality time to focus and help each student. School readiness in our 4-K program helps students be prepared for school at the kindergarten level. 4-K should be available to all students. We will work toward adequate funding that gives teachers the tools to provide a successful learning environment

Recruitment and Retention of Educators

While challenging, our Board is committed to elevating the profession, financially rewarding our teachers and seeking other incentives to benefit them. We will keep our district highly competitive so as to attract the best educators as well as other school staff as our students deserve the best. I would like to see implementation of a program to lower housing costs for teachers in their first five years of teaching. Supporting those educating our children is as important as the education itself.

Student Recovery from Academic Losses and Emotional Impact Due to the Pandemic

It is no secret nor is it new news that students suffered greatly both from learning deficits as well as from a mental health perspective with some experiencing anxiety, depression and other difficulties during the pandemic. As a member of the Greenville County School Board, we immediately addressed these challenges for our students and quickly implemented numerous programs to support the academic and emotional recovery of our students. These programs included summer learning, tutoring, after school programs and the addition of intervention specialists and more. I will continue in this direction and ensure that all students will reach and exceed their grade level as we have made great strides, but the work is not finished.

Safety of our Students and Security of our Schools

My goal is to build upon our current safety measures by increasing the number of metal/weapons detection systems in our schools along with placing a full-time resource officer at each school. I would like to see increased utilization of specialized teams to conduct threat and risk assessments at each location, and to define proper procedures based on the findings. We need to continually update electronic safety equipment and continue to build on our “See Something Say Something” program/protocol. In addition, I remain committed to fostering an environment for our students that promotes learning and ensures our students are safe, supported and always protected.

Increase Graduation Rates and Promoting Transition into College, Career, or the Military

To facilitate an increase in graduation rate, continue to perfect our ninth grade academies and expand academic opportunities through on-line credit recovery courses. Moving beyond ninth grade academies, there will be continued commitment to increasing graduation rates focusing on the Graduation Plus program that allows graduates to leave the district with not only a degree, but college credits and/or industry certifications. This involves partnerships with higher ed and the business community to create opportunities for our students that will allow them to transition into higher education, a career, or the military.


Payee: Lynda Leventis-Wells
Address: 1107 Edwards Road, Greenville, SC 29615



Lynda’s background

Lynda’s background in law enforcement and education are the foundations that have strengthened and balanced the way she approaches her Board service. She was the Deputy Psychologist and Investigator for the Richland County Sheriff’s Dept. and taught Ethics, Dispatching, Problem Solving, Gangs, Felony Car Stops, and more at the SC Criminal Justice Academy. She also taught Physical Education, Resource, and ESL at the Saudi Arabian International School in Riyadh, then returned to Greenville, where she was a Guidance Counselor/Physical Education teacher and coach at JL Mann High. She has also served as Dept. Head of Criminal Justice, Director of Enrollment, Director of College in High School, and Executive Director of the Carolinas Institute for Community Policing at Greenville Technical College.


Payee: Lynda Leventis-Wells
Address: 1107 Edwards Road, Greenville, SC 29615


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